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2023 Toyota bZ4X Overview

Toyota of Erie just came out with a brand new lineup of electric vehicles. Known as the 2023 Toyota bZ4X, they have many exciting features. Each model has a wide ranging glass roof and a roomy cabin. With the 2023 Toyota bZ4X, you'll have other features, including adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, and lane departure warnings. Each feature keeps you safe on the road. The Toyota bZ4X comes with Hankook S1 tires designed to handle the high torque speeds of most electric vehicles. A 2023 Toyota bZ4X near Franklin starts at a price of $42,000* for a front-wheel drive with all of the features and a single electric motor. An added fee of $2,080 will get you a second electric motor that converts your new car into all-wheel drive for better torque power.

Franklin PA - 2023 Toyota bZ4X's Overview

Exterior - Toyota Dealer serving Franklin PA

The 2023 Toyota bZ4X is the quintessential modern electric vehicle in every way. It's sleek outer shell is sculpted into curves and lines that frame the front end and expansive hood. 20-inch spoked wheels sit underneath a shiny chrome trim on all sides. The bZ4X at Toyota of Erie offers you a luxury vehicle that has a strong persona which is characteristic of vehicles in its class. The bZ4X comes in many different colors. A bright red version adds a bit of life to your ride, while a dark gray or deep black gives your car a versatile look that's professional and attractive. The white version comes trimmed in black around the wheels and the cab for added balance.

Franklin PA - 2023 Toyota bZ4X's Exterior

Interior - 2023 Toyota bZ4X near Franklin PA

A plush interior is the heart of every car. The 2023 Toyota bZ4X near Franklin offers a model that has a special interior design which spells comfort. Its Softex upholstery is crafted from imitation leather. Modern styling allows everyone to ride with comfort and ease. The bZ4X has ventilated front seats, a heated steering wheel, and a digital display with navigation features. You'll have an entertainment system with a wireless charging station. Special front seat heating provides enough warmth for your feet and legs. Plus, the vehicle has spacious rear seating that holds up to 28 cubic feet.

Franklin PA - 2023 Toyota bZ4X's Interior
Toyota bZ4X Mechanical specs

If you're living near Erie Franklin Ashtabula Jamestown or other surrounding areas, Toyota of Erie has your back. Not only is the bZ4X model a dazzling sight for sore eyes, but it has many mechanical features that make driving an experience that's fun and safe. A powerful electric motor gives you a superior edge in driving. You'll have instant torque power that gives your vehicle an immediate start. An AWD version has a horsepower of 214, which is a 13-point increase for an FWD version. It also has greater torque power. Both versions have regenerative braking. This feature allows the vehicle to use energy from braking to charge the battery and slows the car when needed. Battery performance ranges from 228 for AWD to 252 for FWD versions.

Franklin PA - 2023 Toyota bZ4X's Mechanical
2023 Toyota bZ4X Powertrain specs

The 2023 Toyota bZ4X near Franklin offers a vehicle with unusual qualities. You can have the best driving experience an electric vehicle has to offer. A top-notch powertrain system delivers optimal performance with an instant torque and smooth driving. Front-wheel drive versions are characterized by a single engine that processes 201 horsepower, while all-wheel drives produce up to 214 horsepower using two engines. A new feature of 1-speed direct drive allows your bZ4X to coast at a smoother speed without the hassle of using several complex gears. Clutches and gear shifts work together to form strong connections as power is delivered straight to the rear wheels. Speed is monitored by your gearbox to ensure safety during acceleration.

Safety - 2023 Toyota bZ4X dealer

The safety features that characterize the 2023 bZ4X are similar to most makes and models today. Driver assistance technology helps you in cases where traffic might be heavy. Imagine riding down the highway in cruise control that auto-adjusts to the speed of the person in front of you. No need to tap the brakes here. Plus, the system will redirect the wheel to prevent lane changes when another driver is in your blind spot. Your car won't drift into the other lane until everything is clear. The bZ4X comes with a rear cross traffic alert system that warns you of oncoming vehicles while you're backing up. It does so using sensor technology and an alarm system. A Toyota dealership near Erie Franklin Ashtabula Jamestown has several models you can choose from.

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Technology has altered the landscape of vehicles forever. The latest Toyota bZ4X has several characteristics that make the driving experience safe and enjoyable. The bZ4X's Remote Connect system allows you to start your car at a distance using your smartphone or smart watch device. This makes it possible to warm up your car during the winter months. Remote Digital Key lets you unlock your car through wireless technology. You can locate your vehicle with these features. A 4G wireless network provides enough connectivity for up to 5 devices. There's nothing better than a Google search for your passengers during those long road trips. And with Cloud Navigation, you can find your way through unfamiliar territory without getting lost. Interactive driver technology such as lane departure warnings can help keep you safe on the road. It's nice to know that your car looks out for you. For complete details, please contact the dealership near Erie Franklin Ashtabula Jamestown.

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